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Damn Good Questions for Lovers

Damn Good Questions for Lovers

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65+ Damn Good Questions for Lovers.

Replace everyday practicalities with connecting conversations.

This deck is meant to get you out of the every day rut. For the couple who wants to talk about more than ‘what’s for dinner?’. It’s easy to fall into practical conversations, but we invite you to ask each other these questions whenever you can.

You can put them in your car, on your nightstand or use them on a date night.

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Examples of Questions

  • I want to thank you for… 

  • I feel proud to be your partner when…

  • Something you taught me is …
  • When I’m stressed I tend to… You could make it easier by …

  • I can imagine it might be difficult to live with me sometimes because of… 

What is this deck about?

65+ Questions to (re)connect with your partner & skip the every day talk.

⬜️ Lighter Damn Good Questions - Will help you reminisce, fall back in love & really go to the core of why
you choose each other.

⚡ Lightning Round - Things I should know about you

⚡ Lightning Round - Who is more likely to...

🟫 Heavier Damn Good Questions - Can be a bit more confrontational & ask the necessary questions for
growth. Both including some introspection, but also addressing certain things
you might want to avoid otherwise.

Why this deck?

This deck is meant to make you wander off in conversations you don’t have every day.


Feel free to fully get lost in each other (again).

How do we use it?

Anywhere, Anytime!

🚗 Put them in your car

🛌 On your Nightstand

🥂 Or on a Date night

If you are going through a though time, level 2 can help you overcome it. We suggest mixing a few level 1’s in there when you want to lighten up the conversation again.

What is the difference with 'For First Dates'?

First Dates focuses on getting to know each other in a playful way. More

For Lovers goes deeper & focuses on the relationship that's already there. Both the individuals within the relationship, as the relationship as a whole. Focus is more on (re)connecting.

Connect deeper & faster - anytime!