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Damn Good Questions

Damn Good Questions

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75+ Damn Good Questions to Break the Ice or to Break Free.

You can use them as conversation starters or to talk to yourself (we know you do).

Perfect for lively conversations at the dinner table, as a party starter or to replace ‘are we there yet’? on your next roadtrip with thought provoking questions.

Skip the small talk & connect on a deeper level

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Who do I play with?

Damn Good Questions can be played with aaaanyone: old friends, new friends, your partner, colleagues, strangers, on first dates or just you & all your personalities. From 1 to infinite amount of players! In case 2 players are required you can find this icon 💬 on the front of the card. This is only the case about 5-ish times, so you can definitely also use it to get to know yourself better.

What are the Damn Good Questions About?

These Damn Good Questions discuss all kinds of topics. In case the questions are a bit R-Rated, you can find this icon 🔥 on the front of the card. Whether you want to break the ice & have fun, lighter conversations or you want to dig deeper & really get to know each other. We got you covered! Our cards are colour coded so you can decide if you want a lighter or a heavier Question.

⬜️ Lighter Damn Good Questions

🟫 Heavier Damn Good Questions

Which other decks do you have?

Damn Good Questions to Ask Yourself - for more self awareness & a more (care)free life

Damn Good Questions for Lovers - Replace everyday practicalities with connecting conversations.

Damn Good Questions for First Dates - No more Awkward silences or cliché questions.

Examples of Questions

  • If you could be on any game show, which one would you pick?
  • I should win an award for...
  • There’s a movie coming out about your life - obviously - cast yourself & your environment.
  • Who do you look up to & why? 
  • What is something  illegal that you would like to make legal?
  • What apology do you wish you got, but never did?
  • Things I do differently than my parents are…

Anywhere, Anytime